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Project Description
A Visual Studio 2010 Project Template, that can be used to develop DotNetNuke Modules using the latest technologies such as Entity Framework, WCF Data Services, Knockout.js, Blueprint.css framework, etc.

Release Notes:

ver 1.2 - 03.05.2012
- Moved script insertion from View markups to the module base class, to simply creation of new views
- The EF Connection string is now auto-generated in the service class, so no entries are needed in the web.config file (yeah)
- A number of environmental variables are now initialized in the module base class and injected into the views to assist the viewmodels in accessing things like the module path, edit urls, module home url, and the service url. This will greatly reduce the code you need to write in your views and view models
- Removed AutoMapper from the template, as the user of the knockout mapping library is now used to dynamically create models from service data
- Changed the code to properly construct the service URL to handle situations where the DotNetNuke site is located at the root or virtual directory or child portal

ver 1.1 - 02.17.2012
- Changed the loading of javascript files and stylesheets to use the DotNetNuke ClientResourceManagement service to optimize downloading scripts and to avoid duplicate resources
- Added datajs library
- Added ModuleScriptBase.js

ver 1.0 - 01.10.2012
- Initial release of template

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