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Sql Script to get up and running


Hi Steve,
I've got the ToDoList project building - but have no tables. I've followed episode #4 and got things working. Then in episode 5 - where we add Categories and Users - I'm getting errors I'm not sure how to debug.
By calling to the service - I can view ToDoListStatus - and the status' show. Same goes w/ users. But calling on ToDoListCategoies and ToDoListItems I get errors. All that is returned via FireBug is Resource not found for the segment 'ToDoListCategories'
I was unable to open your edmx in the viewer - I could only touch it w/ Xml Viewer (I upgraded to EF 4.1) I've tried completely dropping all my tables and re-creating them following your lead - but it's just not working.
Any Suggestions for me?